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A self-avowed bookworm ever since I can remember. Now, I make a living encouraging teenagers to read books. :) 


YA fantasy is always my jam. I also dabble in science fiction, history or historical fiction, romance, nonfiction, and religious and spiritual, and self-help books. 

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Important, thoughtful memoir for young readers

Ugly: My Memoir - Robert Hoge

I got this text for a fellowship program on disability studies and found it very touching and challenging as it made me think about how I consciously and unconsciously judge others for looking different.


This is written for young readers (8-12) and I am going to send it to my 11-year-old godson as it's just a really funny and thoughtful look at what it means to grow up looking, as the author calls it, ugly.

It ends a bit abruptly but overall it's really engaging and thought-provoking.